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National Donut Day Nutella Donut Milkshake

Nutella Donut Milkshake - just the name alone is a treat to the ears. The combination of Nutella and Donuts are magical. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate National Donut Day on June 4th than by incorporating donuts into a specialty milkshake, offered this weekend only.

At Hoovers Sweets and Treats we love thinking outside of the box to bring exciting milkshakes with crazy flavors to our customers. Fun holidays, such as National Donut Day, give us an excuse to play around with new ideas. With Nutella and Donuts being such popular treats on their own, we feel as if this specialty shake will be loved by many! Come get one while you can.

This milkshake is so simple to make, yet so exquisite to the taste buds! It's definitely a treat, leaving you both full and satisfied. Even though we are only offering this treat for a limited time, this milkshake is simple to make at home and even more customizable if you have a donut preference.

All you will need for this milkshake is chocolate ice cream, Nutella, and toppings of choice - most importantly being a donut...or several.

At Hoovers we love making our milkshakes taste and LOOK good! We take the extra steps to make this happen. The first thing we always do is rim and drizzle the cups. With this milkshake in particular, we rim the cup with Nutella and roll it in rainbow sprinkles. We then drizzle the inside of the cup with a generous amount of Nutella.

Now it's time for the ice cream. The base of this milkshake is our classic chocolate ice cream blended with a heaping portion of Nutella.....YUM! After pouring this in, it's time for the fun part - toppings!

If making this at home, the toppings are completely customizable. We start all of our milkshakes off with whipped cream. We then put a large glazed donut around the straw. Next, we add more Nutella drizzle, extra whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles on top. Talk about delicious!

Let us know if you try this at home or stop in for one yourself! You won't regret it.

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